Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

That'll get you. Erm. Bees.

[18:17] Azz|floral ( has disconnected: Ping timeout
[18:17] Scott: Azz gives up flowers?
[18:19] Azz 's connection is not blossoming with happiness. :(
[18:20] Azz: But there are still 18 roses all over my desk. :D
[18:20] V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz) That can happen if the driver isn't pollen the network card for data often enough.
[18:21] Scott thwaps PauAmma
[18:21] V_PauAmma_V bows.
[18:21] Azz shoots people. With a pistil.
[18:22] Scott: hahaha
[18:22] Scott: +1
[18:23] V_PauAmma_V charges Azz with influence petalling.
[18:23] Scott: Azz: Just make sure the stamen doesn't get all over the desk
[18:25] Azz isn't going to dignify either PauAmma or Scott with an anther
[18:25] ryan: :D
[18:25] Azz: though there may be some stigma associated with punning ...
[18:26] Azz: ... though not if it's done with style.

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