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Sunday. Aww!!

My sleep was insane, so I took the day as mental health. There was some small amount of tidying done, and we made a long-awaited IKEA run for a TV stand. That wore me out rather more than I was anticipating, so I wasn't much use getting everything loaded up. (Oh, and I owe Myrrh, because I left my purse in the car.) There were massive amounts of rain!

We determined that we were doing dinner. (The House of Spink was doing homework, so they couldn't join us this time.) We'd been planning on hitting a particular TGI Friday's, but it turned out that it was closed up (the signs had been peeled off the building). So we went to the neighboring Outback instead.

All there was well except for the sundae. We'd been planning on sharing it between the three of us. However, since their menu hadn't mentioned the strawberries, hcolleen couldn't have any. The waiter did offer to bring out a separate, strawberry-free, dish, but hcolleen declined on her stomach's behalf, on the grounds of zomg lots of ribs nom nom nom. I did have a word with the manager on the topic of the printing of the menu, because it wouldn't have just been us who would need to know something like that. Manager was surprised. Manager was also standing a little too close. Please, dear short woman, just because you are short, it does not mean you have to stand that much closer to make up for it. I see you better when you're further away. Honestly. And I don't know you, and that's well inside my personal space.

When I went in to report the leak, the lady had no idea whether this was something they handle themselves, or whether it's something that they have to call in a roofing crew for. Given that last time, they had to call in a roofing crew, and this time, the light isn't filling up with water, I'm not stressing too much. But then, it's not my bed.

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