Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Monday (not so manic)


Work was work. Had too much coffee, I think. Didn't get as many calls in as I would have liked, but it was not shabby either. Sales goals for a single day were met; sales goals for a double day were not exactly met, but the minimum was well-passed. There was green. There was much green. There was enough green that several of us stayed late with our supervisor's blessing.

I seem to be turning into a go-to person on the topic of the work1 support boards. Not entirely sure why. Perhaps the fact that I do something like this for fun? Perhaps the fact that I think it's fun? Perhaps the fact that I'm confident and comfortable with it?

I am Alaskan. This means that I can pronounce the word "cache" correctly. Hint: it's not "cash-ay".

Came home, hauled boxes up from the car; hauled trash down to the bins. Ignored the laundry sitting in state on my floor. Got ten touches this evening, hooray. Got a bug report in on that fun little OpenID tidbit. (Loony's First Bug Report!) Managed to hit 50 (!!) on's new-as-of-January word pack. (Without cheating. Just me, my fuzzy memory of Latin and Greek roots, my extensive reading experience, and my reasonable knack for remembering new words. It's harder without context, let me tell you. No dictionary.)

There was a shower-poem that wanted to come out. I think I captured some of it.

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