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From discussion elsejournal:

My workplace has an official policy that if you are away from your desk more than momentarily, your workstation must be locked.

This is backed up with the unofficial policy that someone who abandons their workstation and leaves it logged in is subject to their desktop being repapered at their neighbors' discretion.

There are some very entertaining wallpaper choices that people have lined up for the moment someone slips up.
Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unanswered.
Empty, open, dusty, dead.
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together
Leaving weyrs to wind and weather,
Setting herdbeasts free of tether;
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh why the empty weyr?

-- "The Question Song", Anne McCaffrey
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