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News, news, and sheep!

*headdesk* -- Japan doesn't necessarily have Nabokov as part of their classics reading list. So, as bizarrely appalling as I find the "Lolita" name for that particular fashion, it flies ... in Japan. Woolworths should have done their research a little better. Outraged mummies, on the other hand, should be dolled up in goth-loli outfits and put on parade.

New LJ feature, with privacy opt-out. Only public entries are included, but if you prefer your public entries to not potentially show up in the Explore LJ area, you'd want to opt out. (If you do want them in there, you just might wind up there.)

So! Sheep time.
You're on my friends list (or reading me, either one); it's fun to do surveys. (Sometimes. *looks at hcolleen*) So. 36 things. We may never talk; I may already know everything about you. Short and sweet is just fine. Comment with answers, repost if you'd like to.

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