Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Friday = much-needed weekend.

Yesterday, I re-read The Blue Sword in the bath. Today, I read Guards! Guards! (again). Now I'm starting in on Foreigner (again).

I at least got the shelf out of the box to start constructing. I also did a rather lot of laundry. These two things are unfortunately trying to occupy the same space.

hcolleen did some shuffling of furniture in the living room in the past few days. It's not a bad look, but I'm afraid she's being corrupted by all the decorating pr0n we've been watching. She also got her desk delivered on Thursday, so that's in her room now, and her old desk is being used as a microwave stand.

I slept approximately twelve hours last night. Twelve very much needed hours. I did wake up for a little while and poke at the computer before settling in for a morning nap. The nap featured some surreal dreams -- there was something about an apartment complex and either an ice skating area or a swimming pool or something of the like -- it was large, surrounded by a barrier, and I seem to remember that it was being flooded, and we were going around and around and around in it when we were in it, and there was a lot of wandering around between the buildings and up on the (accessible) roof areas and landings and stairs. Darkside was in it. This was fully surreal and bizarre, because there was ... kissing. *headdesk* And as if that weren't bad enough, my brain insisted that he was in fact ridiculously well-endowed, which I came to discover firsthand, as it were. Though we never did get anywhere beyond the "firsthand" bit, because we kept getting interrupted, and there were things of some urgency that required that we go in whatever direction; no time to stop for fun. It was evidently quite normal, or at least unremarkable, that his pants not be entirely fastened, and I be leading him around ... yes, as if it were a leash. *headdesk*

As far as work goes, one of my co-workers who was on my team in location 1 and came over to the same team in location 2 has found out about my crush on the Red Cube Badge Guy and is determined that she can help. Upon learning that I was in a chat with him, she declared that she must get a copy of the chat log, so that she could use her powerful skills of analysis and see whether he was into me or not. Um. *facepalm* Somehow, I don't think that he even knows that I like him, much less has a thing for me in return. And from the way he doesn't really keep a chat going, somehow I doubt it even more. Not to mention how very much success I've had with "relationship experts" in the past. But hey, he's a good prospect as a friend.

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