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Stuff I've been collecting, out of that entry draft file of mine:

3:20 PM 1/9/2008 /missed1.jpg

Via apocalypsos: *fan self*

4:46 AM 2/8/2008
*headdesk* OK, facebook group of Cassandra Clare's fans. You can put down the crack. (..."incest supporters"...???!?!?)

10:03 AM 2/8/2008
When change email on LJ, for maintainers, if old email on LJ is the same as email on maintained comm, prompt for change email on maintained comm. is a beautiful send-up of that post I saw on bipolypagangeek. -- I think I want one for real. The hand-crank aspect cranks me up most of all, although I may wait for the next generation.

At a team meeting that mentioned "v-logging", I was not the only one who heard "flogging". (Morale is to improve!)

From some other papers:

"It's all together anyway in your stomach."
Rebuttal: "Yeah, well, my STOMACH doesn't have TASTE BUDS."

"...physically was told ..."

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