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Link soup time!! -- I prefer the Swedish version. & -- the whole world is on crack, basically. -- *snerk*

I am under orders to hie myself to the gynecologist, because, well, bloody hell. (Well, dripping.) Week 3 is about 2 weeks too many, essentially. -- I need to get my LJ dudes over to LJ eventually.

I am more than a little unnerved by the sudden realization that I do in fact seem to be Darkside's best friend, because I am not entirely comfortable with the concept that I may be his primary face-to-face social life, and that I have been slotted into that status in the absence of daily contact with his parents. I'm accustomed to giving him first consideration when making my plans. I'm not accustomed to him requesting the pleasure of my company on more than a bimonthly basis. Or, er, a semi-yearly basis. Have I mentioned that I don't adapt well to change? I'm used to the idea that I am one of those pests that he grudgingly gives time to because it seems to be important to me. I'm a little panicked by the idea that he is so badly in need of human companionship that he is voluntarily spending time with the pest that has tailed his steps for years.
Self esteem issues, much? But the man is an acknowledged curmudgeon.

I was having shower-thoughts about Great Moments in LJ Etiquette Failure I Have Caused. It's always instructive to watch someone else fouling up, right? I may wind up posting an entry all about some of those.

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