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Hooray for the tubes.

One of the most innovative and unorthodox ways of calming a screaming baby that I've seen lately (requires internet citizenship to understand) (still nsfAbe)

Yes, it's a THEORY: Evolution wins the day in Florida

Via apocalypsos, this is for Ecchi-chan:

I am gleeful, because hcolleen and hogwarts_hocus seem like such a very good fit for each other. I saw the word out for a Mello, and poked it at her, and the rest is becoming history. Rather NSFW history, I might add. As if she needed another hobby.

Sup made cupcakes and brought them in to the team meeting. Hooray for our sup! (That's sup as in supervisor, not sup as in SUP.)

Since my brain is being converted very quickly into an efficient indexing machine, I have been getting earwormed more often than ever. Unless I know the song sufficiently well, it won't stay for long, but it stays long enough to disturb me. This is recent. I've always heard music in my head, but I do not think that people used to be able to say one of the keywords from the song near me and have my brain begin playback. (Never complete playback, but playback nonetheless.) This is where having a sadistic little brother can be a drawback...

I need to actually either find or make a guide on using a search engine with effectiveness. It helps to have the sort of head that I do, but I used to be able to do search engine stuff with no problems. Well, it helps to at least attain a passing familiarity with the subjects that you're researching, but.

Still plotting mayhem for Saturday. Must query the best friend re: Renfaire outing. Has it really almost been a year?

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