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Chronicles of the schedule-swapper

Hooray for myrrhianna. She got me blessed throat-spray, which is item #3 in my trifecta of excellence in clobbering this damnable illness. #1: Mucinex. #2, decongestants. #3, throat spray, to keep me from triggering endless coughing attacks when I cough once, and that irritates my throat, and then I have to cough more and more because it's irritated.

10 myths about Canadian health care, busted. I didn't know that some of those myths existed, but it's fascinating.

Addiction and circumstance.


Compulsively inhaling steam from jug of hot mint tea.

Finished Precursor again. Wrote back to Mama.

OK, it is 4:30. I think I have stayed up.

Earlier, cried off from the usual Saturday fun to Darkside; he fussed some (over me, not at me). Next weekend, he will be out of town. (We'll have to work out something for our weekends; maybe I can get up early?)

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