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Books, books, and more books.

Bookstore run has been accomplished (late Sunday night). Driving all the heck around also was. Win.

... somehow, my head has inextricably crossed Bren and Daniel Jackson. I blame Michael Whelan. Also, Mike from Circle of Fire has a new, and unfortunate, last name: Hunter. *headdesk* (This may not survive more than one draft. I blame Cammie, whose language is unfortunately not the sort I'd use around my mother.)

...wait. I am missing a book. I have Pretender. I NEED EXPLORER. Alas!!

Unfortunate physics moment involving a palm tree, a pickup truck, a cable, and a fence. (The fence is a bystander.)

Alaskan wildlife = surreal tech support moments.

Finished re-reading Snow Crash. (I think my days off will be rather book-filled.)

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