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Safe Space!

Because so many of my friends are LJ volunteers and otherwise connected, I pledge to <lj-cut> and warn if I'm going to go all rantyfaced over this latest debacle, after that first outburst last night.

Scenes from cadhla's commute: BPAL rules!
WTF toilet?
Google got DoubleClick.
spectralbovine started it. I continued it. Anyone want to continue singing about the LJ Advisory Board and its location?

Someone on IRC has just provided me with the (so far) best argument for legally changing my name to Azure Lunatic: that way, if I am elected to the Advisory Board (for which I am considering running), that will be my name as listed in the minutes. And then there was the following (reconstructed) conversation...
Me: "And I just managed to disconnect my legal name and my LJ name! The only connection now is those people who have both of me friended."
hcolleen: "And that's not really much of a connection. So some people have two people friended. So what."
Me: "Although, if they look at the userpics, they'd see that one of mine is the same as one of h-- ... oh, dear."
hcolleen: " 'Oh dear' what?"
Me: "I ... just ... nearly ... said ... 'one of my userpics is the same as one of hers.' About myself."
hcolleen: "Stop dissociating!"

Fun with gmail: punctuation!

There are Known Issues with alignment problems in certain styles. Inevitably, this leads to puns in IRC. For once, I was not involved.
Tango: uh... anyone know why the board just got hit with 7 requests about text alignment?
Carrie: someone really wants to align their text?
[Op 2]: well i'm sure their requests are all justified.
*** [Op 2] has been kicked from #channel by Carrie: Kick
*** [Op 2] has joined #channel.
*** Mode change "+o [Op 2]" for channel #channel by ChanServ.

[Op 2]: my jokes were outalign
Carrie: I haven't done that in awhile :-D
*** [Op 2] has been kicked from #channel by Carrie: STOP THAT

On Ringtones
Flying Trampoline vs. Train
Snow Rage

And more IRC insanity [names redacted to protect the guilty and the pantsless]:
Carrie: I think glasses would assist in my ability to see
[crab]: FVO "assist" including "make it at all possible".
[random dude]: crab: More likely for "assist" meaning "prevent massive headaches in a few hours"
Carrie: nag nag nag. next I suppose you'll want me to put on pants
[random dude]: actually, no ;)
* Azz declares #channel a pants-free zone
Carrie: lol
Carrie: hey, look at that! I can read my screen now. amazing how that works
[fu]: haha :)
Azz: I am not wearing pants.
[crab]: (to [random dude]) I was speaking for me. I can't focus without glasses beyond about 2-3 in.
Carrie: I'm very mildly nearsighted in my right eye and hella astigmatic in the other. so usually I can make do by only using my right eye, but yes, the headaches later :-D
Azz: I have difficulty with screens any further than a foot.
especial: having just got out of the shower, i am also not wearing pants. but AM wearing glasses. i know my priorities.
Azz: I am usually wearing glasses any time that I am not a) asleep, b) in the shower, c) actively having sex, d) crying. (I will leave my glasses on for instances of passive sex, i.e., if I can still be reading while having sex, I will need my glasses.)
Carrie: hahaha "I'm sorry, I need my reading glasses to see that" <-- might cause male confidence issues
[crab]: (to Azz) What if you're having sex in the shower, having earlier cried yourself to sleep?
Azz: Shower trumps sex. No glasses.
Carrie: hahaha
[crab]: (to Azz) So you need glasses to decide the ceiling would look better beige?
Azz: It would help.
especial: i agree, no glasses for shower sex, too steamy, inability to see may lead to falling over, having to call an ambulance while you are suffering naked shower-sex injuries, etc etc.. v humiliating

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