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  • 01:51 ... "backyard bottomslash". "quarter queen". ... (I am reading a book, and I may wake up my sleeping roommate from shrieking. LOLWUT.) #
  • 02:28 When the Death Note anime was first coming out, I would watch it with H. I always had an apple that I would bite into for opening credits. #
  • 04:09 I have myself a copy of Jinx High again. And of course all I can remember is me in 1994 and YE GODS THE NOVEL I WAS WRITING THEN OMG MARYSUE #
  • 04:33 Finally read Old Man's War. Good stuff. The Heinlein comparison is valid and deserving. #
  • 07:02 Still awake. Why? But IJ is back. (There is good fic there.) Concerned for their servers what with latest LJ insanity. :( #
  • 08:11 Two of the little dumb doves are preening each other aggressively on the tree outside my window. #
  • 09:14 o right, holiday. *looks for the Irish cream for a nightcap* #
  • 09:20 My Irish chocolate milk has quite a bit of Irish. :D #
  • 20:40 Awake. Might be hung-over. Can't tell. #
  • 20:51 Read Jinx High last night/this morning. Still good. Also read Another Note. Working on Death Note 13, but slow going as it's meta. #
  • 20:52 @tangowildheart Yes, but this is for the record. Still in that twilight state between out of bed and actually in motion, also. #
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