Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Hooray for stuff.

Crackfic proposal: Daniel Jackson gets Chosen.

AdWords Advertising Content Policies, which should have not taken me this long to find. Oh! It's great to know that crappy copy habits are not allowed. just poked me out of the blue because someone (they promise not to say who, but someone) found me on Pandora. :-P (It's already syndicated to LJ as audiolunatic.)

Anon vs. CoS: Its petition failed because it was unable to establish a credible list of named individuals associated with earlier protests, or demonstrate that anybody it complained of posed a threat.

Things learned: the tech school my housemate went to offered an automatic A on your final in one class if the FAA called to complain about it. *snerk*

"Hotel Sex", by ivorygates: House/Fucked-Up Daniel Jackson & -- for more poking later.

Via eng1ne, looks potentially promising.

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