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Halfway through Thursday, haven't slept yet

Tokyo's bad drivers of 65+ being bribed to give up their licenses.

Me, elsejournal, of someone that someone knows: "He's officially walked off the ship of 'Disturbed', down the plank of 'nuts' and jumped into the sea of 'batshit'."

Content strike tomorrow: yes, I am participating, but probably with different reasoning than a lot of people who will be. I still have some postcards with people's names to put on them, and I will be sending them. And I don't expect the strike to actually have much actual effect on the site's stats, especially given that last known, it wasn't checked with any more precision than weekly. But it's a gesture. It's a reasonably flashy, newsworthy, angry gesture. For me, it will actually actively take *work* to avoid LJ. I will have to check myself when I come in from work. I'm not posting to Twitter today because it'll auto-post.

This is where I have set up my home base on the internet, perhaps even more so than in my email address. I was able to shift email addresses rather seamlessly some time ago, when Yahoo stopped playing nicely with LJ comment notifications and Gmail was acting better. Haven't really looked back. I still check the Yahoo from time to time, but it's not the same. I will probably go absolutely stark raving mad tomorrow, off LJ. But I'm doing this because I think it's important as a group effort, not because I think it will necessarily make an actual dent in anything.

If I were just concerned about myself here, I would go set up my own hosting and set up my own blog. But that's not what I'm here for. I have loyalty to LJ. More, I have a very untranslatable kind of loyalty and love for my people on LJ, and by extension, LJ itself. I'm doing this not because I want to anger or threaten SUP, I'm doing this because I am very angry, and I want to get their attention, and I want them to stop acting stupid and start acting thoughtfully and with openness, feedback, and honesty. This is the equivalent of smoke signals in the age of email, but it is still potentially visible. I don't want to leave. I do want to change things. I do want to stop this trend of not listening before it gets started. I don't think something like this could have changed things with 6A. I'm hoping that SUP will consider the userbase in their plans, and consider it as it is, not as they want it to be.

Now, a real, viable threat to SUP might be if people on LJ started saving up money and banding together with the intent to buy LJ if ever they got their hands on that much money. You know. People who love LJ and want it to be done right by. But. Heh. I don't see the vast majority of the userbase actually threatening SUP.

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