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Everybody's working for the weekend! -- through the glasses of girl power! -- Scientists! Angry, drunk, and ugly! -- Space Vikings.

Had a nice, hour-long Saturday afternoon chat with Darkside on all the latest and greatest stressors. Items that came up included: Suzie Sunshine, the call-in from hell, and recent events on LJ.

"So you have a service that has free-with-no-advertisements, free-with-advertisements-and-some-extra-features, and paid accounts," I told Darkside.
"I'd pick free-with-no-advertisements, because I hate advertisements," he said.
"Right. And so would a lot of other people; the users of this service have been rather anti-advertisement from the start. So, for business reasons, you decide that you're not going to offer the free-with-no-advertisements for new accounts anymore," I continued. "How would you tell them?"
"From a bunker."
"Yes, but how would you phrase it?"
"Well, I'd start with 'This will not affect existing free-with-no-advertisements--' It didn't, did it?"
"No. They're fine."
" '--accounts at all, but the ability to create new free accounts without advertisements is being disabled.' And then details, I suppose," he said.
"Ha. Let's try 'The account creation process has been streamlined, with two options to pick from', and then moving right on to the next topic," I told him.
... this, ladies, gentlemen, and others, is from someone who doesn't use LJ and doesn't know the culture.

Have advised Darkside that my head has started earworming me like it does. He promptly started playing with the new toy. *headdesk* Why is it that moments like this make me want to utter endearments, and then smack him?

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