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Daily randomness of Miss Lunatic

  • 08:40 Since I surround myself with very smart people, I feel only of average intelligence. #
  • 13:59 @kdorian Yes. I'm afraid that when I meet someone actually average, they seem stupid, and I wonder how below-average *live*. #
  • 14:22 I know where all the cowboys have gone. #
  • 14:50 oh god the queue the queue. *headdesk* #
  • 14:50 @ursamajor see my LJ. Turned to husbands every one. #
  • 15:11 @coffeechica bad time for this as you are on vacation but queue in suggestions is about to overflow. Going through queue now to reject some. #
  • 15:12 @coffeechica If you want I can approve some absolutely fantastic 100% awesome ones to get them out of the queue & get some space. #
  • 15:48 down to 90 thank goodness. (Queue, not temperature. If it were temperature I'd be overheating and crankier than I am.) #
  • 16:02 88. I can live with that. #
  • 16:20 Number of rocks picked up off the floor from by my bed: 8. Number of rocks still in my bed: unknown. #
  • 18:48 @llbbooks The rocks or the cowboys? #
  • 19:09 "There's a plant between us!" (Myrrh to chailifesong) #
  • 19:10 @llbbooks Yes! I know where they went! Every one! #
  • 19:50 film outline flipbook method of notecard plotting: draw scene on notecard, arrange, flip. #
  • 19:51 @tangowildheart because there are always rocks in my bed. I have a huggy rock. I have multiple huggy rocks. #
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