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Hooray for writers!

Group last night was awesome, and I do not regret the four hours of sleep. (I woke up early and started working.) Got a little more hacked on Angel's story (this is absolutely NOT a Jossverse thing) and sithjawa says it tastes like near-future science fiction. Our meacu1pa will be leaving us! But hey, full ride. Dinner was chaos, as Our Waiter was out again.

Prevailed upon one of the gaming-ladies to be outright rude to something creepy that had gained her personal details, and cut any and all contact off cold with it. Realized that I class "rude" and "uncivil" in separate categories. "Uncivil" would be offering him personal insults and profanity. "Rude" is not observing the social proprieties, telling him that his presence is distinctly unwelcome, not giving him excuses, and not giving him any polite temporizing that leads to chinks in one's armor. And telling him that there was to be no more contact and then standing him up for lunch.

I have a bit of a post coming up on the twin roles of ye olde friendslock and ye olde 'friends only' comment settings.

Have established that I can type perfectly while falling asleep. Unfortunately, this does not mean that I type sensibly. Took naptime instead of lunch. Also took Dew after naptime. Both helped.

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