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  • 05:42 @gameboyguy13 fortunately the LEDs stay on when you're in the area, and go off only when there's no motion. So midnight shopping ftw. #
  • 05:45 @afuna wait, both you and !peas are on my twitter-and-friends lists. I risk explosion! #
  • 05:50 Gaming fun. Tired now. GM is younger than I am by 5 days. Big dog is big and loud cat is loud. Mary has 1 point of paradox. Petunia planter. #
  • 05:51 Petunia planter pwn, no less. Mary does not yet know how to use her brand-new mage powers, but a falling heavy object = effective in combat. #
  • 18:18 Holy crap, a 24/7 gaming store? In my neighborhood? #
  • 20:32 I got hailed and called beautiful today. I don't think the guy was putting me on, either. #
  • 20:34 After ten refreshes of the public timeline, I have to put it down, because I could seriously break my brain by trying to follow it. #
  • 20:35 @aveleh Don't be shy, and don't let @afuna break your brain too much! #
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