Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Notes from Monday night's gaming

They number their Jameses.

Ryan head-butted the dog.

"Are you rolling my dice in a Jack-in-the-Box container?!? I REFUSE!!" -- Greg, to Bubba, who was indeed rolling the dice into a Jack-in-the-Box mozzarella sticks box.

"Are you BITING my boyfriend?" Bubba to Bridget's player. (She was. She kept doing it.)

Greg stuck a plastic spoon to my arm.

"How do you come from work and not have your dice? It's 'bring your dice to work' day!" -- Greg
"We don't celebrate that." -- James2

"I am without a muppet."

Conversation about the dog:
"What's he eating?"
"Ass is not yummy."

"I am the horizontal genie." -- Greg, who was "sitting" cross-legged on the floor ... on his back. James2 made commentary about smoke coming out his ass.

"I'm a lemming! Portable!"

"I don't even have a dreamy loving side. I think I ate it one morning." -- Greg

I wrote a note on my notepad to Bridget's player: It's so lonely being female. There was agreement.

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