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Too distracted for a proper update, probably more later.

So gaming night was last night, and by the time I got home, I was literally falling asleep while trying to start reading City of Ashes. (Also, is it bad that I am attempting to replace my lazy use of <i> enough that I put in a macro to replace ctrl+i with emphasis tags?) So I got sleep. Lots of sleep. I am happy with the amount of sleep I got.

Gaming was fun. I brought Thalia with me, so I was able to take notes on my part of the gaming as it happened, although I was too exhausted to do so for the other parts of the game. The laptop tray was also a good place to roll dice. (Yes, I use an Ikea tray to rest my laptop on. I may someday look at the prospect of making a proper thingamajig.)

Mary (my character) got scolded for unintentionally using her magic in dangerous ways. She was really wanting to be able to get through the wall that had just kidnapped a werewolf. (Technocracy building. Not a good place to be hanging out.) Soooo the wall cracked. A lot. And then she blasted a door. Woops. So the mage she was with called her out. "I'm sorry!" she said. "I just ... wanted the door to open."

"Well, stop wanting stuff!" he told her crossly.

The next obstacle up was a very dark hallway. Under the circumstances, while Mary isn't normally scared of the dark, she was scared of this dark. Keeping in mind the direction to not do stupid stuff, Mary very quietly wanted to have left a flashlight in her pocket.

Not only did she find a small flashlight (the GM said mini maglite, but I figured it was probably an LED keychain light) but I got an extra XP on the spot for a job well-done.

It is now time for me to head out to the signing. thegraybook and another author will be there. I have been a brat to the local portion of the Mortal Instruments list, and declared that I will be there -- and they will know me should they see me there, as I will be "the one in black holding a book". I'm sure a few people in my friendslist will be able to discern the problem with this description, even though it is a faithful description of me.

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