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subtle forms of torture

My best friend has an inside line to one of my personal favorite webcomics, the Fanboy Otaku Gamer's Club and he's not *telling* me anything!!

First I tried invading his personal space and pestering him. Though I can be quite loud and persistent, I failed to crack through his serenity.

I contemplated letting Shrimpy (the most irritating guy I know) pester him, but decided that this would be counterproductive and only serve to get both Shrimpy and my best friend mad at me, though the effects of my best friend getting mad at Shrimpy might be worth watching (off school grounds of course).

I think I'll try bribery next. Hmm. He doesn't like chocolate or coffee, so those are out. Cookies? Mountain Dew? Mountain Dew cookies? Hmm.
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