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Good books remind me that I'm a real girl. I have decided that really, the reason I live on the internet like I do is because the internet is a poor substitute for a perfect memory and perfectly controlled complete telepathy. Until I have both, I'm going to spend a lot of time on the internet.

The signing was great. Amazingly enough, I was the only person wearing all black there! Cassie found editing to be the most different thing from online writing. A beta-reading isn't quite the proper editorial process. Also, and it makes sense while it surprises me, there are changes for marketability. Which I should have known about, given that I read so much, but I wasn't really thinking about that lately.

I forgot my camera, worse luck.

I got enough sleep, so hooray for that!

Speaking of books, anyone who knows me on here who gets a request from an unfamiliar name on Facebook, with my face? I've caved and I signed up. So. Me.

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