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Y'all can close polls now. :D This has been much-wanted since 2002.

I do appreciate a properly-worded response to something very, very insane. This is why my friendslist is composed of people who I consider to be the right kind of sensible, so that I do not have to worry about things like (discussed last night on lunchbreak) someone getting wind that they were filtered out of something and causing drama (in equal parts because I don't tend to talk about my friends behind their backs, just talk about various aspects of my life that I'm more or less comfortable telling various groups of people about, and that only rarely, and because I don't seem to be friends with the kind of people who get butthurt about me talking about something they can't see) or (seen in an email group just a bit ago) a general complete lack of reading comprehension such that the "what planet are you on" in the tone of voice of the forum leader is not just subtext, but is right out there in what was written. Also, perhaps it's just me, but it's one thing to write fanfiction of incestuous sibling relationships based on a published series intended for teenage readers. It's entirely different to expect the author to write this, especially in a forum that the author reads.

On a completely different note...

So far today:
Pitchers of (weak) butterbeer consumed: 1
Times I have knocked the mail sorter half off the wall with my shoulder (so far): 2.
Postcards Written: 3
Postcards Addressed: 2
Comment notifications cleared out of Message Center: countless
Number of them from Suggestions: all
Recently created passwords forgotten: 1

My floor looks better. My desk looks worse. My scanner has papers on it again. Darkside is busy. I have been meaning to restart my computer for a day. (Madman isn't so strongly named that I have to refer to him by name every single time I refer to him.) My wrists are feeling much better now that I've been bandaging them properly at work. Also, my chair was too high and I was slumping, which is not the desired state of affairs.

Later tonight, I go over to hang with my GM to discuss Mary's destiny. Phear! He has some Bright Ideas!

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