Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

day in, day out.

The taxman cometh. And having already been paid, the taxman will be grudgingly returning money to me. Hooray!

The conclusions drawn from this make no sense to me. I'm conscious that I'm thinking on far more levels than I'm conscious of. I can "hear" in my head not only the pre-echo of what I'm about to say sometimes, but a pre-pre-echo, while my conscious mind is still waiting for the words to come to it.

Have been reading more George R.R. Martin. The queen is on the bad crack; her brother is no prize but is starting to straighten out. Her other brother is missing; her other brother's wife is in such big trouble.

It is too hot here in general. I am resisting the bloody air conditioning, though this morning I was dreadfully cranky at hcolleen when she was trying to point a fan at me.

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