Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

"It's Not Ice!"

Very recently, when we were first settling in to Opportunity, I got in a silly mood and offered hcolleen a piece of ice. And when I say "offered", I mean I held it out to her on my somewhat-grubby hand, sticking it right in her face, much to her appalled horror. This is the sort of tableau that one sees between sisters, with one in full manic grin, the other shrinking with wide eyes. And I kept holding it. The longer I brandished it, the funnier it got. (Well, to me, at least.)

Since then, things have been rated in comparison to ice. "It's not ice!" I would say of something do not want, but less so than a grubby piece of ice. This morning in Target, I discovered a screaming green vinyl purse with velcro, a clear hoop for a clasp, and disturbing amounts of chain. "That's ice," I declared.

As Timecube has become a standard for crazy, so has ice become a standard for "no, really do not want!" in this household. Despite the fact that this is Arizona, and we really do, in fact, want ice.

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