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Azure Jane Lunatic

It's almost my Friday.

"Closing Time", Leonard Cohen -- one of the most bizarre videos I've seen in a while. Vintage Cohen. I need more of his music. is on my list for my next pampering-myself run. Given that I just got an LJ shirt and there's a box of BPAL on the way, I don't know when the next one is going to be. I feel guilty for pampering myself, even though right now I seem to be able to afford a little. (And I have some bigger-ticket items on the list, the next being glasses and the one after that being some upkeep on Vash, which aren't exactly pampering, but it's what happens before further frivolous expenditures.)

Darth Vader vs. the Jedi -- gotta love El Reg's range of reporting.

""sex-positive". what a loaded term." (sex-positive vs. getting-laid-positive) -- synecdochic dissects some stuff in a way I don't have the background for, but to which I can but say, "Word." Though I draw my lines differently; that's a courtesy that I'd likely only extend to someone I knew very, very well, or under very particular circumstances. But, in that sheltered sacred space that happens at some of those events, I'd not take the question poorly if asked with the proper respect.

Taser trouser inferno. (hcolleen reminds me that batteries are flammable, and I have one in the little coin purse in my pocket.)

Collecting Random Effects for a Chaos Blunderbuss -- some of these might be of interest to my GM, as right now Mary does chaos. Lots of fun chaos! I will admit that one of my contributions to the list, was, well... predictable.

What's worse than getting caught watching porn at work? (comedy sketch)

Glasses, check. My eyes have not done too badly, all told, in the intervening years. I expect them in about a week. They are to be my first pair of convertible sunglasses. Mama had them, and they were icky yellow inside. That was the 80s, though. They will be glasses that do not intersect with my eyelashes, which has been a constant thorn in my eye with these.

The past couple weeks have been rough for me. I suspect I have some stress.

rebelsheart expressed some surprise that I do not have a "shot right through with a bolt of blue" userpic, because he could have sworn he'd seen one on me.

Time for calling Darkside = later.

Vash has been washed. Vash has been stickered. Hooray for Vash. Hooray for running errands. It's strawberry season. Happy birthday to me. (Birthday's not until June. That's just numbers. My birthday is strawberry season.)

Contemplating, with just a little bit of contemplatiness, the idea of a bit of a Vegas road trip in very early June. That one's got to be decided in committee, though.

So. Should I run for the Board? I'm ambivalent right now.

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