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Concepts of the moment, not all of which are attributed:

Florida moves to ban fake testicles on vehicles

I didn't get much sleep today, as a fantastically bored Darkside called me (back, a courteous amount after the minimum requested time) and requested the pleasure of my company. And far be it from me to deny him in this! We looked at each other's character sheets, he earned his *full* name (first, middle, and last) from me upon his writing up of a certain anime character to play in a World of Darkness setting ... without the GM's knowledge, from what I could figure, and assorted other hilarity. We watched some more Record of Lodoss War, and had a nice old gossip. He didn't remember about the mint stunt! He approved of my two horrendous puns from Wednesday, and was duly amused at the muppet thing, and the "I am customer in your service center holding this ID: ____" thing.

The progression here is great.

And this is awesome too. I blame burr86 for getting me hooked.

LOLcats in the workplace.

Phrases I'm proud of: I used the phrase "a bagful of backstabbing baggages" to describe the sorts of untrustworthy persons that one really wants off one's friendslists and out of one's custom friends groups (in context of suggestions and a particular suggestion about custom friends groups) in a place where profanity was very inappropriate. I like that phrase.

Our nest is an empty nest! For reasons that I am satisfied are good and sufficient, jai_dit will be Not Staying Here this summer. Alas!

Coed naked DDR. (Not mine, discussed elsewhere.)

My cousin stoled my "thesis thesis drunk" userpic! I am giggly over this, as it is technically from two different sources on his friendslist -- I put things together, and sithjawa created the toy that made the background image.

In case not all of my dear readers noticed, there is now a 'Delete All' feature in the inbox. I am thrilled to pieces, because this has been much-requested.

Insight from someone locked:
... maybe- the point of all the wanking about people having privilege (to said people) isn't to make them feel guilty, but to try to convince them not to use it for evil.

Feeling guilty, everyone knows, does no one good. Stepping lightly when you know you might be treading on someone's back, on the other hand, does a lot of good.

Is this true? If so, could somebody ... please tell people this? I don't think people know. I mean, I had faith that it probably wasn't just Bitter Recriminations For Something That Isn't Your Fault Because You Were Born With It, but nobody ever told me what it was instead. There was always just the vague feeling of "You have unearned privilege. There's something we want you to do to make up for it, but we won't tell you what."

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