Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Why Mr. Out and I will never be in the same car with him driving...

So Mr. Out was leaving work for the team breakfast, and he saw Bubba driving in. And he had to think why this guy would be waving at him. (Bubba is my GM's ride home from work.) He finally recognized him. By this time he was out on the road. So he pulled out his cellphone, and had to hunt around for our sup's number so that he could give the guy a call to tell him to tell me that Bubba was there waiting for my GM. (Since clearly I can do something about this situation, and am the person to tell.) This wound up as a conversation after I had arrived at breakfast (and passed the news along to Bubba, who really should have already learned, but hadn't).

"And you know how when I pull my phone out, that means I kinda swerve? Well there was this lady there in the other lane, and she's all waving at me, like --" (and he demonstrates someone making a very forceful wave that means 'GET THE HELL IN YOUR LANE ASSHOLE') "-- and so I wave back at her, you know, like 'Hello! PHONE!' ..." (and he gestures with his phone).

(All of this, by the way, is spoken in that semi-falsetto with valley-girlish mannerisms that some gay men sometimes effect. This is his normal mode of speech in 9 conversations out of 10, and the 10th is technical.)

And then the conversation went on about REALLY, how are you SUPPOSED to drive when you're using the phone, and he confessed to driving with his knees while texting. Which last is explicitly illegal in Arizona.

So. Never.

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