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Cheesemongering, shopping, and why hcolleen has made off with a tube of cordial chocolates!

Feedback given to Google: "I searched for 'Dr. Narton', and I got recommended 'Dr. Norton', and unwanted results for 'Dr. Norton'. 'Dr. Narton' is a humorous way to unintentionally destroy one's computer. 'Dr. Norton' is a far less funny way to do the same thing, but less effectively. ;) "

hcolleen is cheesemongering. When our old work teammate drunk-ordered several pounds of cheese curd, hcolleen made a note of the site. She then ordered more cheese from it. Today, she forwarded me an offer of theirs. I have been known to buy large quantities of none-too-expensive store cheese, leave it (sealed) in the refrigerator, and cheerfully declare that I am sharpening it! Their offer? Wax-and-plastic sealed hunks of what's already 4-years-aged sharp cheddar, with a directive that if one wants, one may certainly leave it unmolested in one's refrigerator, for extra sharpening. Oh, and it's half-off.

I have new glasses. They are comfortable, and haven't driven me nuts yet. The darkening-in-the-face-of-light feature is useful!

After picking up my glasses, I went running around all over. There was a book I was getting, and I got it, and a few of its friends (and the new Bujold). Then I realized that really, I needed an under-chair-pad badly, so I stopped in at Staples, which I'd been meaning to do. Then I got more tea at Cost Plus World Market, plus a scary amount of chocolate. Then I got supper. I made an exception to my informal rule that my music should not be audible until reasonably close to the car when "Losing My Religion" came on the radio. AMPLIFIED MANDOLIN, FRIENDS. I do have to focus to hold my voice in the same octave as Michael Stipe. I can, however, without strain, and I can project reasonably while doing so.

Today begins the nominations for the LJ Advisory Board. More on that coming later. Short version: I was intending to run, then changed my mind.

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