Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Another day!

The only real excitement last night at work was something I (happily) missed -- see, our lead was pinned to his desk because he was filling in as a Red Cube Badge Guy, so we went and also grabbed lunch for him. When we got back, it turned out that in our absence there had been a Very Large Flying #$%*ing Cockroach buzzing the call center, which, we were assured, was fully two inches long. ...Eww.

Didn't get particularly much sleep. When I woke up, I decided it was time to call Darkside. He'd similarly not been with much sleep, as his usual Saturday night gang had been out to a pub because there was some singer, and he wound up being Designated Driver by virtue of just not liking the booze. After I called Mama and wished her a happy mother's day, I wound up over hanging out with Darkside. (I brought strawberries. This was an unqualified success.)

Entertainment started out with Devil May Cry (disc 2) and went on to finish up the rest of disc B of the extended version of the Record of Lodoss War that we're making our way through now. In there, I managed to sustain a permanent (Sharpie) smiley-face on the back of my hand from attempting to poke Darkside.

There was a packet of something woo-woo that I folded up carefully and put in the bottom of a cedar chest of the soul on the way over. On the grounds that it might be beguilement, I allowed it to return when it kept attempting to unfold itself. We'll see.

Speaking of Passage, I started it (I believe this morning or yesterday), finished tonight, and then will re-read it within a few months. I enjoyed it, more so than the previous two, because this is the sort of deep magic that I like in fantasy. I obtained and read Fool Moon as well.

Really must book passage for the SF trip right soon.

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