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Daily randomness of Miss Lunatic

  • 07:23 @intrepia omg omg I hope they are ok. #
  • 13:11 Oh, dear. Darling email list teenagers, it would help if you spelled the name of the character that you hate correctly when renicking. #
  • 13:57 I now have a new haircut! Nothing drastic, just added long bangs, so I can shorten them as needed to get the exact anime-hair I want. #
  • 19:16 Zomg mall trip. Sought out girl with whom we chatted last time at the jewelry store. She is getting married! And becoming a lawyer! #
  • 22:21 The economy: I have stimulated it. Related: new bras, and more traumatic underpants. (Colour, not cut, is the trauma point.) #
  • 22:51 Since I cleaned the bearings in my trackball mouse, it has been like mousing on air. I have happiness due to this! #
  • 22:52 Mall wore me out hardcore. Must at least stay awake until 1am. #
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