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More things making me laugh like crazy: ... what? ... *eyes JD* The scary part is, I am pretty sure there are cats that could do this. . . . WHAT. ... I think this is Mr. Out. And it probably works, too. ... sucks to be the next person though! ... mmm, espresso. (My roommates forbid me to have that much.) ... I must call it this from now on!! This sounds typical. ... This reminds me of when Myrrh advised V about not winding the computer cords too tight. "The 1s and the 0s need to be able to go down it, and while the 0s can get through fine, the 1s can't go around those tight bends." hcolleen and I totally lost it.

I love the people who make mad, mad, mad things happen ... and the people who are so used to them happening that they don't really inquire too closely, but still manage to inquire. For example: "What's that in the shower?" "Squid." "What's it doing there?" "Thawing." "OK!"

bgolub: "Seeing lots of spiders around the house lately."
eng1ne: "Print out a robots.txt file and leave it by the back door."

Waterboarding: -- this guy writes a report on waterboarding himself. Myanmar.

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