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This is why I don't drink very often.

* Ursa Major hrm.

wonders if there's a way to have excel take a look at a sheet that's had conditional (color) formatting applied to it, and count up the number of cells in each row that are a specific color
Azz|teapatty: not color, but condition.
iirc countif
UrsaMajor: hmm, good point.

... that's gonna be a messy countif. *wry grin*
Azz|teapatty: <3 :-P
you may wish to have some of the thingabobbper s in other cells?
so it lis all thingy, thingy thingy.
* UrsaMajor goes to doublecheck the params for such
Azz|teapatty: with references and stuff!!
UrsaMajor: yeah, definitely *G*

because i've maxed out the number of conditions you can apply within that set of cells *G*
V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz|teapatty) How many pincers am I holding?
UrsaMajor: green = awesome, unformatted = good, yellow = meh, red = poor
Azz|teapatty: You ownz 2 but they are attached, you may not be holding, just standing!
UrsaMajor: in each given statistical category

each row represents one player
Azz|teapatty: you, um, may want a db at this point.
UrsaMajor: so counting up the greens, clears, yellows, and reds

hee, possible, but this is so ephemeral

since the data changes day-to-day, and my needs for specific positions changes day to day

(yes, this is for fantasy baseball. yes, my fiance is the one who taught me how to use excel for fantasy baseball purposes. yes, we are geeks. *ggl*)

and yeah, it might be faster to count manually, since the data doesn't even take up one full screen *G*
V_PauAmma_V: Geek marriages = good!
Azz|teapatty: :D
* UrsaMajor giggles :)
Azz|teapatty: (I started at limoncello and wound up at symposium.)
V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz|teapatty) Been reading wikipedia again?
Azz|teapatty: not my fault!
Lacey: I'm going to bed, I think. Travel tomorrow. *wibble*
Azz|teapatty: travel yay!!
Lacey: I am so nervous. OMG.
Azz|teapatty: What element are you?
Lacey: I don't know! How do I find out?
Azz|teapatty: There are various ways of finding out, but probably quickest for now is reading up and maybe there is a quiz, but no matter.

(I say this because being quite a bit Air, I am right at home flying.)
UrsaMajor: azz: like greek astrology element figuring out, or Chinese, or what system?
Azz|teapatty: General western muddlemix.

for me.
* UrsaMajor nodnod
UrsaMajor: I know I'm technically Fire in the Greek system, and I'm pretty sure I'm a Fire Snake in the Chinese system, but I forget so I'm checking right now. And sometimes find that correspondence to not be entirely accurate anyway ;)

though if you look at the "inner months," my birthday corresponds to the Rat, which is a water animal, and my birth hour is that of the monkey *G*
Azz|teapatty: I have too much wine for wanting to do much research now, but I recall that I am very, very, very Monkey.
Lacey: A meme said I am Fire.
UrsaMajor: and my birth year was the snake - ahh, here's what it is: 1977-1978, my birth year: 火 Fire 蛇 Snake. Fire was the heaven element, Snake the sign.
Azz|teapatty: Metal monkey.

... which really does sound like a band name.
burr86: metal monkey
that funky monkey
... something like that anyway
Azz|teapatty: BRASS MONKEY
* UrsaMajor giggles
Azz|teapatty: oh dear.

it is glass nearly gone.

and that is how I am typing.
Lacey: Azz|teapatty: What kind of wine?
Azz|teapatty: Cherap!!

Boone's Farm Strawberr y Hilll.
Lacey: ah
Azz|teapatty: v v cheap.
Lacey: kk
Azz|teapatty: and! hern ame is bridget jones!! I must not forget this for when I rweeemember it again. The girl. Who I wanted to pitch things at.

oh, nad now it is telling me that I have repolied ti the originator of the thread. buggy?

lj comment email.
UrsaMajor: heh
Azz|teapatty: I don't remember it doing that belkjfore.

new bug?

I am a weekend. So glad.

1 glass here. And ice.

Afraid I am not making much sense at poor brendan who was the one with the squids.

Real squids in his sink but not in his shower.

I told him there was a difference!

Sinks are a normal people place for a qsid.



sqiud for a quid
UrsaMajor: please tell me you didn't queue up for the squid for a quid
V_PauAmma_V: (to UrsaMajor) Maybe it was a Friday squid?
UrsaMajor: one should hope!
Azz|teapatty: baggage retrieval queueueue

too many oops
UrsaMajor: though if you're going to have it with all that yolky goodness, you should chop it up beforehand. nice small dice.
V_PauAmma_V: (to UrsaMajor) d6?
Azz|teapatty: d20. bwe fun.
* UrsaMajor giggles
UrsaMajor: d100!
smaller faces
Azz|teapatty: d2!
UrsaMajor: that assumes you've flattened the squid beforehand
V_PauAmma_V: d1?
UrsaMajor: moebius squid?
V_PauAmma_V: Klein dice!
Azz|teapatty: peas?
UrsaMajor: ahahaha.

Azz|teapatty: if one employed glass for cannong thgen one might even have a klein bottke if green.
'or not.
(drunk punster worse than sober one.)
V_PauAmma_V: peas would be an unexpected wrinkle.
Azz|teapatty: is there time for that?
V_PauAmma_V: Yes. Microwave background radiation showed there is.
Azz|teapatty: Tiiiiiiiiiiiime, why you puinishg me
like a wave crashing into the store
you left me crying
* Lacey is reminded of the "why u mad tho?" macro
Azz|teapatty: I wonder why dad is so thoroughly mad; I can't undersatnd it at all.
it can't be the bread crumbeled up in his bed, or the slug s someone left in th e hall
* V_PauAmma_V . o O ( What worries me is not that Azz|teapatty doesn't make sense. What worries me is that she does. )
Azz|teapatty:  DFrink doesn't meadn any less insane thanb usual.
I am a free association machine! To ride, pay a wineglass.
It is also a poem by Jack prelutsky at one point that I memorized.
Because of the ants.
no, that was not ants.
tha t was dad.
but the book! I ahd some!
Lacey: As much as I'd love to stay, I have to be going.
Azz|teapatty: <3
Lacey: <3
Azz|teapatty: see you in sunny sf
Lacey: Be there with bells on
tupshin: what are your dates in sf, Azz?
Azz|teapatty: 27, 1

usable 28 31
tupshin: going to say hi?
Azz|teapatty: inclusive

tupshin: no, i mean in sf, silly
Azz|teapatty: in japanese

hai == yes

bad pun drunk tyupe.
tupshin: lol
Azz|teapatty: I am reduced to typoing with 1 finger.
tupshin: alkyhol
want sum
Azz|teapatty: (intentional that. )
V_PauAmma_V: (to tupshin) 846671+411671
Azz|teapatty: 1 ghlass wine drunk not slow == squid.
tupshin: interesting equatiom, azz
V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz|teapatty) Which finger?
Azz|teapatty: am not fisherman's wife though.
index righgt
andv wrongh too.
tupshin: pau, i'm slow, no idea what you mean
Azz|teapatty: sum == addingh
tupshin: drunk azz == funny azz
V_PauAmma_V: (to tupshin) < tupshin> want sum
tupshin: lol

silly pau
Azz|teapatty: hairgel.
hair iun face is crabby azz.
that is pau's job
* V_PauAmma_V 's job doesn't include being a azz.
Azz|teapatty: so mousse time winz
V_PauAmma_V: (I do that on my free time.)
Azz|teapatty: job is you yes have?
V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz|teapatty) (last job didn't, want for next job not to - maybe why it's still "next")
Azz|teapatty: between?
* V_PauAmma_V . o O ( Synchronized splishing? )
exor674: I read that as 'synchronized splinching'
Azz|teapatty: SPLASH
V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz|teapatty) Still between jobs, yes.
exor674: and I was all o.O "why would want to synchronously screw up apperation
Azz|teapatty: the splishg/splash balance must maintain!!!

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