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More San Francisco!

Guide Dog Aunt is losing her voice. She called off work today.

After a night of not too much sleep, I went into town via BART and met up with ataniell93. We did lunch and poked around some of the shops, having a delightful time. I'm not sure if the loud lady on the cellphone and the other loud lady who called her on it in one of the shops that we were in count as part of the delightful time or just a face-to-face trainwreck, as they got shouty and threateny. It was definitely an OMGWTFCANYOUBELIEVETHIS moment, and I was a good girl and did not giggle until it was all over, similar to the girls on the bus. I also resisted the siren call of the rainbow feather fan, the huge glitter earrings that would make my ears break out in seconds flat, and the gorgeous little stained-glass mirrored boxes.

I'm seriously considering Benito Quirke, because, as my world is the incubus world, he has started talking in my head... (This is normal for writers. It's when someone who's not a character starts doing that, that you've got to watch out.)

My knees informed me that I had best be heading back, so I promptly hopped on BART ... in the wrong direction, which I discovered after two stops. So I jumped off that train and on the other conveniently right there right then, and made it back to the Daly City station in good time.

Guide Dog Aunt proceeded to take me through a fabric store, but after that I sat it out in the car with my book, and wisely so. Hills plus knees is not win.

I'm now doing my laundry, and, as there was a queue, folding the laundry ahead of me. I now have knowledge of my aunt and uncle's underwear that I didn't particularly need, but that's life.

(The girls on the bus: there were two girls skipping school on the bus. One of them was on the cellphone with her man, if a boy of that age is to be considered a man. He proceeded to start dumping her. Somehow, this led to the other girl getting all "I told you so", and then proceeding to break up with the girl on the phone, telling her that she took care of her and if she didn't appreciate that then it was over, whose was that jacket she was wearing, and to give it back, and the shoes, et cetera, so on. So the girl on the phone got all upset. And the girl not on the phone got all "oh baby what's the matter why are you so upset..." !!! I waited until they were off the bus to break down giggling. JD thought I was pure nuts.)

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