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Hello Las Vegas. Hello, links. (Recovering from flight means internet, not casino time.) -- things that make me cry in IRC.

I am now connecting to IRC from (something), which cracks me up. -- delightful, via idonotlikepeas, here:

Told GM that I wasn't sure if I could continue game. I'm an introvert, see. If I wind up in social situations where I have not bonded with those present enough to not consider them People, it's not a restful or relaxing experience for me. (That's vastly oversimplifying it, but it's basically the situation. I don't particularly think it would qualify as social anxiety, because it's not that I fear spending time with them, it's that I know how much of a drain on my resources spending time with them would be, and if I'm going to be doing something social on my weekend, it had better be worth it in terms of drain. Spending time with Darkside is a worthwhile expenditure, and helps recharge me on my days of rest. Game is not restful; I need another day to recover after game.) Game has some friends, but it also has People, and there's nowhere I can go to retreat from that once I'm there. So it's either go or no-go, and I'm thinking it may become no-go.

Oh god.¤t=captainbutthurt.jpg

Just got finished reading Son of a Witch. It had boykissing! It was enjoyable, and I know there are nuances I'll be still picking up on the third re-read.

lacey demonstrated her new ringtone to me. It has to be heard for the full effect.

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