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Azure Jane Lunatic

Hooray today!

Birthday messages have been popping in; thanks, guys! I heard from my best friend from elementary school too -- we share a birthday, which was the thing that brought us together in elementary school.

I have mostly been unpacking and generally cleaning up, but I did finish reading Stardust.

Went to writers group. A good time was had by all. Attending: Guest lacey, regulars myrrhianna, hcolleen, meacu1pa, rhea_windrider, chailifesong, and azurelunatic. M called and left a birthday voicemail message. azwriter is still out of state for her grandmother's funeral.

Dinner with writers group (though meacu1pa had to duck out before dinner) was happy. rhea_windrider got an onion ring shaped like a "No" symbol. chailifesong made a sundae happen at me. ♥ There was general happiness, but (happily) no restaurant singing. (If Clayton had still been there, there would have been, but that is because we adore him like all adoring. But he is now at another restaurant that's not BFE for him.)

When chailifesong and I headed for the bathroom, we noticed that there was a guy in there cleaning. This was mildly startling, more so for her than for me. So (since we are writers) we started thinking up things that would be more startling. I eventually came up with something alarmingly slapstick, and she said that I had to get it written for next week. Now, it was a scenario that would fit nicely into cuttingrmfloor, since it's really too slapstick for any of my other universes, but it required Beatrice to be gimped up enough to not be able to use a normal stall. Beatrice is fit in general, and not particularly fragile, so this would have to be the result of something accidental, probably a busted-up ankle or something. This required backstory on her busted-up ankle, because these things do not just happen in a vacuum. Inevitably, Ben is involved. And duct tape. I began pondering it on the way to our after-dinner socialization.

So there I was, sitting with lacey in Applebee's, waiting for elyssa, stevieg (and luminairex), scribbling and giggling. Diagrams were necessary, to detail the involvement of the duct tape. (Theatre people are crazy, for the record.) A mudslide was involved, but that did not noticeably change any plot point.

The cuttingrmfloor universe is on crack.

Post-dinner drinks and munchies and gossip was also delightful. The move is excellent for social purposes, as there is now a whole lot of stuff that is midway between us and agreeable to everyone.

And I still have another day or so without work!

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