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I actually did work today.

A sport I've been unofficially following for years, but raranax pointed me to the scoreboard recently:

I think I was going to link this for demonuntildeath? is where I wound up after some earworming in channel, and, um, this (mildly NSFW, NSFBrain):

As always, if you'd like to stay more on top of LJ code changes than what comes out in news, lj_releases is your best bet, as it's more condensed than changelog, and things that get checked into changelog don't get pushed live until the developers are good and ready, which varies.

I have been poking at suggestions today. Yay suggestions.

suggestions bunny: auto-delete subscriptions to deleted entries, since there's no getting back a deleted entry once it's deleted.

US Politics! -- Obama and Clinton, bills in 2007.
And some more fun: -- Clinton's concession speech song. -- OMG they are an ADORABLE couple. ♥

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