Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Hooray, Travelocity.

Feedback to Travelocity!

Perhaps I'm expecting too much of your software, but I would hope that a hotel booking program has a recommended maximum number of adult occupants of a room, and should warn when that is gone over when booking. There were fees for extra occupants in the room, which was fine at the time, however, when the room proved too small for 4 adults, we had to book another. Due to quirks in our travel arrangements, I was not present when the 2nd room had to be booked (still flying in). The hotel manager and Travelocity customer service later said that had I contacted Travelocity when the second room had to be booked, I could have gotten a refund for the extra occupant fees. Unfortunately, as I was not there then, I could not have done that. This, unfortunately, was also after an unusually long and contentious conversation with a Travelocity telephone representative. The first representative was courteous, sympathetic, and showed a willingness to make things right, and promised that he would leave notes in the account. The second representative sounded as if he did not have access to full notes on the previous call, did not understand what I wanted, and was unwilling to call the hotel manager as the previous representative promised would be done. Never booking a hotel through you guys again.

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