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Links and puns! -- rent a country!
I am developing a deep and abiding love for Jagermonsters.
It's interesting attempting to explain your own psychology as a feudal subject to your best friend. I wound up going sideways, into plastic knives.
Mashups that should happen: Meryn Cadell's "The Sweater" and Weezer's "Undone". Somehow. -- Look at the specs of this product, look at its price, and look at the reviews. I would advise not bringing food or beverages aboard the moving vehicle. (Not sure if it's a lollercoaster or a waaaaambulance.) -- the "silly stories" bit, the "I lost my doggie. Can you help us find it?" If they mention that it seems like a lot of people to be looking for a lost dog, offhandedly mention various details that imply that your dog is, in fact, a bear, or perhaps an elephant just tickles my sense of the ridiculous the right way. I was laughing loud enough to unnerve my roommates.

[05:12] Azz: Macaronin = pasta that knows no master.
[05:15] V_PauAmma_V: (to Azz) Keep doing that, and you'll never survive to tagliatelle.
[05:16] Azz: is someone egg noodling me on?
[05:17] Azz: you've farfallen from grace
[05:19] * Kira grabs a penne to write down all the pasta puns.
[05:19] Azz: so you've cut and pastina nother bad one in here? For shame.
[05:20] Kira: Nah, I just don't know that many. I'm hoping to learn a few dozen orzo.
[05:24] Azz: fusilli if you think I'm going to divulge any good ones.
[05:25] Kira: Oh, so you are there. I thought everybody had gone; the room was so cold and dark.
[05:25] Kira: I was about to put on the radiatore and lanterne.
[05:25] Azz: careful, that pole's a little gigli.
[05:26] Kira: I gnocchi is.
[05:26] Azz: This is spiralini out of control.
[05:28] Kira: Maybe so, but everybody else seems to be sleeping. Maybe we should get them some pillus.
[05:29] Azz: Mezzi bombardoni with loud music?
[05:30] Kira: I would suggest putting the loud music on as a rigatoni on their mobile phone instead.
[05:31] Azz: Orecchiette, I'm pretty sure my roommate's going to kill me for all these. :D
[05:32] Kira: Azz: Your roommate? Would that be occhi-chan?
[05:34] Azz: filini blanks. my other roommate doesn't mind puns...
[05:34] Kira: Well, that's just pici, then.
[05:35] Azz: she's likely to string a tripoline across the hallway
[05:36] Azz: I never manti any harm!
[05:36] Kira: Ah, so she'd hope you farfel across it?
[05:37] Azz: and then take pictures as a trofie
[05:37] Kira: You sure she wouldn't take fideos instead?
[05:39] Azz: Whatever it is, it's likely to be shavige
[05:40] Kira: You know, I'm really surprised Pau isn't taking part in this conversation. He mostaccioli and died, or something; he's normally right on these.
[05:42] Azz: yeah, usually you'd have to bahn him to keep him out
[05:44] * Marta_ wakes, lurches to the computer with coffee, is frightened by the number of puns this early in the morning in #lj_s, goes back to bed. Forecasters call for 6 more weeks of Monday Mornings (at least)
[05:44] Kira: Oh, I see, he went for a nap. That explains why he stelle isn't here.
[05:45] Azz: That fideguas.
[05:47] Kira: I seem to have reached al dente in my punning knowledge.
[05:48] * Azz had to pipe in backup from wikipedia and rice noodles
[05:50] Kira: Me too. I'm currently in a fiori trying to find other sources.
[05:51] * Azz wanders off to go play with her Barbina
[05:51] *** You are now known as Azz|afk.
[05:53] Kira: Okay, I'll just have to say bye normally, because I just can't think of a good answer to that. You win.
[05:53] Kira: Have fun. :)
[05:53] Kira: ...ghini.

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