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My July 4ths!

1980: At 1 month old, I have no memory of this.
1981: Utterly obsessed with strawberries in general.
1982-1994: Records are hazy, although at one point Tay-Tay had an utterly appalling "4th of July suit" that I envied (really tacky red, white, and blue dress). One year a giant Alaskan wildfire, an early one, made everything horribly smoky. Alaska does not go in for (many) fireworks on the 4th, as it is far too bright at this time of year. New Years is the big fireworks holiday. We often spent the day having a cookout with my virtual aunt and the rest of the extended virtual family.
1995: I was at CTY with pyrogenic, et cetera. pyrogenic got lost in search of pickles and ice cream, easalle had fun tormenting the CTYers, and insanity was had by all.
1996: I had been making wedding plans, and had just added a condom to the pouch of significant and useful items that I wore around my neck. (Old imported journal entry is locked.)
1997 & 1998: Nothing recorded. Probably spent with the virtual extended family.
1999: As the night before had involved stress and haying, we didn't spend the day with the virtual extended family. I'd been looking forward to that, and after determining that it would not happen, I elected to minimize the damage by taking a sleeping pill and spending the rest of the day and night asleep. (This was the summer that Shawn got married.) This may have been the night that I went missing over at River's for quite some time instead of going straight home.
2000: Nothing is recorded for this year, but I was engaged to BJ at that time, and also working. Work had a party down at Harding Lake (I think?). The bakery team lead got very drunk. BJ and I had invested in Very Large Squirtguns. There was a fire, so there was a whole lot of smoke. People got dunked in the lake.
2001: Mildly drama-filled visit from Sis's relatives, during which I did a Tarot reading from Sesame Street flash cards for Sis's mom about one of the other relatives (it was spot-on), after which we Went Out and About, which was followed by the LF getting sick.
2002: On a road trip with Aunt-Fayoumis, visiting the Iowa branch of Dad's maternal line. The drunken uncle there is no longer with us, having had a falling-out with a river or something.
2003: I read a lot of fanfic, declared my independence from depression, and went Out and About with the rest of the household.
2004: In Alaska, with the Virtual Family, getting bitten by mosquitoes.
2005: Settling in to my bachelor existence in the studio apartment.
2006: Wow, busy year. Met up with popefelix; offered asylum to hColleen. Massively cleaned house, then watched the fireworks with trystan_laryssa & family. This was the 24-hour move that got hColleen out of the old place and in with me.
2007: Had drunken karaoke with JD. Went to work. Went shopping. Had dinner with hColleen, Myrrh, Rachel, JD, and then watched fireworks. And the same in text instead of private chat logs and pictures.
2008: Goodness only knows, although work and sleep are going to be significant parts of it.

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