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Breakfast yesterday morning was entertaining. My notes:

sawmill gravy = sawdust = gansta! = lumberjack = OK.
Peg game defeating people badly.
Chappy running on 30+ hours of beef jerky and Monster.
Cupholders in bathtub? No, just one. (OMG, [kid]. >_< )

(That last? The dude who is clearly old enough to be living on his own but who looks 15, if you're being generous, likes his beer. Those of the dudes who have visited his place mentioned that he had cupholders all over. Miss Sarcasm was teasing him that he had cupholders in his bathtub. "No, just one," he said. "Huh?" "Just one. Cupholder. In my bathtub.")

Today at work featured a moment where Chappy found out that there was actually an Internet Song involving his name. Naturally, Miss Sarcasm had it on her music player.

tatteredfairy had an improper desire for my Creme de Menthe (not Creme de Meth, pauamma / other denizens of lmbujold!) Altoids. (They'd be Creme de Meth were they also caffeinated.) She will have to get her own. :-P

Certain classes of user requests get escalated to supervisors to deal with. Excluded, quite emphatically, from this class, is spam. (There are special kinds of spam, like when you innocently ask your supervisor what that means, in that spam email there, and your supervisor grabs the spam in one hand and the scruff of your neck in the other and orders you to escalate that, now. I've never met any of those.) I have a friend in another department. She was having a very slow night, and wanted more escalations from us. (Jokingly.)

Me: Let's send all spam up to him.
Her: That would be excellent. 'Cust wants to talk to sup about Canadian pharmacies.' -- 'Cust wants to inform us of salsa classes on Wednesday.' -- 'Cust inadequate, girlfriend about to leave. Possible top-tier customer support issue.'

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