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Daily randomness. -- "Communion", Who!fic. Recommended highly by amberite. I like it too.

LoudTwitter seems to be down; since I put stuff in Twitter with the expectation that it'll show up in LJ (in a chunk rather than in immediate brainspam like I used to be infamous for), we have my day:

Called Dawn; she is doing karaoke. Recommended "Still Alive", if available. No ping back from Darkside. about 7 hours ago
The screedbot rendition of That Damn Song <3 is about twice as big as LJ userpic allows. Alas. (Not that I need more icons.) about 7 hours ago
@coffeechica 6586. I don't think I've seen this one before, and we could all use some ... entertainment. about 13 hours ago in reply to coffeechica
@youlovetam I seem to be still awake. This is unusual. about 13 hours ago in reply to youlovetam
Random Word Hell is sentient. about 14 hours ago
From the half-written cliched villain quiz: "What other villain? This is the only bad person in the entire universe of this series. Ever." about 15 hours ago
"An acquaintance of the past will affect you in the near future." "You make people realize that there exist other beauties in the world." about 16 hours ago
Carried monitor out of my room and nearish the door in the front hall. I am now dizzy and ... well, dizzy. It's not just poor fitness. HEAVY about 16 hours ago
Men have Puppetry of the Penis. Do women have Mummery of the Mammaries? about 16 hours ago
@afuna Space-separated. about 16 hours ago in reply to afuna
"Drinking Song" is pretty much what I was conditioned to love, musically. about 16 hours ago
@gameboyguy13 Care to elaborate on that one, darlin'? about 16 hours ago in reply to gameboyguy13

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