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Family (et cetera) phrases:

"(That's) Not the [Lastname] Way!" When some outsider to the family attempts to get a member of the family to do something that seems somewhat reasonable, but is, for reasons unspecified, something that a member of the family would really never do. I think this originated when someone was trying to get one of the males of Dad's generation to eat something from her fingers, he wound up biting her, and he declared "That's Not the [Lastname] Way!" when she got upset. Tay-Tay embraced this phrase.

"I'm [doing that] First!" When someone was procrastinating on a task, to the point where someone else starts to do it, followed by the declaration, "I was [doing that] First!" and the original person very quickly scrambling to do that before the second person starts. Alternately, when someone is procrastinating on that, someone else does it, and the procrastinator declares, "I was going to [do that] First!"

On without being lit: We had an old, and cranky, propane stove. The automatic lighting mechanism did not always work. This led to merry hijinks, including the declaration, "Mama, the stove's on without being lit!" It came to mean similar to "the lights are on but no one's home", except more potentially explosive.

Secret Protocols of Mama: Common knowledge between two parties that is needed by any party filling in for one of them, but that is unlikely to be remembered to be told. Mama picked Tay-Tay and me up from Summer Fine Arts Camp every day. One day, she couldn't be there, so we made arrangements with Dad to pick us up instead. We arranged the time, and that we would be in the parking lot by the entrance of the art wing building waiting for pickup. Came the time, no Dad. Several frantic phonecalls later, it turned out that Dad was in the other parking lot at the other entrance of said building. After this point, Dad demanded to know if there were any other "secret protocols of Mama" that he'd need to know. The phrase stuck around.

That's Not Ice: hcolleen and I were at writers group, and I offered her a piece of ice (in my hand, thrust pretty much in her face). She recoiled and stared at me. This went on for long enough to make it memorable. Since then, whenever I bring up or offer something that makes her make that same face, "It's not ice!" means "It's really not that bad!" ... and "It's ice." means that it's worse than she thinks it is (even if she thinks it's pretty bad).

Bukking with your beak full: Offering up something good to share with others, except by the time they get there, you'll have already finished it all. Comes from chicken culture, where certain roosters will make the "good eats here" call, which sounds like "Buk-buk-buk-buk" ... while they're gobbling down whatever it happens to be, and then they will be oh so very confused when the hens come rushing over and there's none left.

Tripping over your wing at: Also from chicken culture: public courtship of the sort that announces, with no subtlety, your intent to fuck this person. From the rooster's distinctive sidling mating dance with one wing lowered.

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