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I was supposed to clean my browser today. -- milk shouldn't be mailed. -- So Carl Rove has ignored a Congressional subpoena. By, um, leaving the country? -- profile redesign in beta, check it out! (Betanav != batnav, fyi.) -- cockporn.

Via naamah_darling via pauamma, Tips and strategies for recovering a lost cat. -- "Another Fine Universe You've Gotten Us Into", Jack & Daniel, SG1. -- thefourthvine says you don't have to know anything about the Professionals to watch this vid, and while it requires download, I can say that she's right.

...Yeah, I got into thefourthvine's recs list, via metaquotes, because almightyhat had a problem with roof rats (as opposed to sewer rats), and she linked to the sweet potato story...

Trauma and You, Part Four: The Squishy Bits -- another Medical Post from Making Light. These seriously squick me, but I'd rather read it and be squicked and have some of that information available to me in case of crisis than, you know, not.

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