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I'm letting my days slip away from me again.

It's Opposites Day.

Friday was work and team breakfast.

Saturday was work, and first I dropped my water bottle, then I had a fight with the computer systems over my password (and lost an hour). I also figured out what that customer meant when she asked, "I bought the shop. Will it take more than 3000 MB in a different hotel?" It puzzled me vastly, as it had puzzled a teammate and our supervisor previously (I got a new request from the same customer and was trying to get some context) and then *snap* it clicked -- she meant, of course, "I have purchased your e-commerce application and would like to host it elsewhere. Will I need more than 3000 MB of space?" (The answer to that question is "No, our e-commerce application cannot be hosted elsewhere. I apologize for any inconvenience.")

I zombified with hcolleen when I got home Sunday morning, then slept. When I woke up, I called Darkside and then realized that I had two emails from him (what!!) that I hadn't read. Sensing that time was a-wasting (and because I had some coherent from not waking up to alarm) I quickly showered and drove over. We had pizza and comedy, taking a detour through a History channel show that resembles Mythbusters in the construction, destruction, and mess, before getting into The History of the World (Part I). As the last time I had seen that was with Shawn, I enjoyed watching it for the first time. We then wound up in anime, Shadow Skill, which is silly, fun, and not a bad substitute for Slayers.

I made reference to Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor, and then had to explain it. (I reassured him that he's nooowhere in it.) Darkside doesn't do written slapstick comedy (my specialty), and he really doesn't do boys in skirts. (Pity.) That led to a discussion on what it was that he read. "Magic and explosions" sums up much of it. :D

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