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Innnnnnternet time: places not to get published, and fun.

So the chief editor of Helix, Mr. W. Sanders, wrote a rejection letter that a new entrant to the world of science fiction editing made public in the comments to this post in ladislaw's LJ, in a somewhat less that professional move. However, the blatant unprofessionalism of that maneuver was soon far diminished in the face of the bigoted language employed by same editor. Assorted authors who have previously been published there are requesting that their work be withdrawn from the publication's online archives. Their requests are being met with a certain amount of cooperation, and some of the most literate playground insults I've seen for a while. A sum-up by Torque Control.

I cannot recall whether I'd heard of Helix prior to this, but I have certainly heard of them now. I think this has gone past 'imbroglio', through 'brouhaha', and rydra_wong suggests it now qualifies as 'professional suicide' for Mr. Sanders and his magazine.

Via the illustrious Shuttleslayer:

I still have plenty of photos from the trip to crop, censor, and upload. Meanwhile, a friend of mine has some pretty awesome DS gear:
Phoenix Wright-related silliness
Just the stylus and OBJECTION!!

Don't Feed the Stalker

I have been at least mildly productive today. I have bestowed one of the Things I Never Wear on myrrhianna, who might, shoved another in the to-go box (hcolleen, it might be your size, but then, it's also *white*), and had some Fun Times with Art, discovering in the process that both of the units of glue I tried to use are dead.

corruptflame, and anyone else who likes Silent Hill, this may be of interest:

Lipton Pyramid tea box with image of Pyramid Head pastede on

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