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I have no idea what actually started this discussion, but I walked right into the middle of it. I needed a lead's attention on the thing I was just on, and the lead and the supervisor had just disappeared inside the conference room. "Hammer pants!" I heard as I walked up. Not the sort of carpentry pants that have a loop for a hammer, no. MC Hammer pants. "Mr. Out took your Hammer pants!" I declared to Captain Picard. Picard was therefore declared pantsless. It was that hour of night when everything seems funnier, so Picard was doubled over his keyboard giggling over the next five minutes of escalating Hammerpantslessness jokes.

On my way out to lunch, I stopped and inquired of that pal of mine with no LJ on the call floor if he had Hammerpants. He did not. If he did, he said, he would wear them, just for the sheer awesome.

On our way back in from lunch, tatteredfairy and I stopped and interrogated Pointy Sr. about Hammerpants, although this was delayed by him assuming we were coming to interrogate him about his hat, and his fellow red-lanyard-guy throwing his blouse (it was supposed to have been some sort of cowboy shirt, but in fact it turned out to have been a blouse instead) into the mix.

Once we got back to the Hammerpants, we interrogated him in bad-cop/worse-cop style.

"Are you wearing Hammerpants right now?"
"Do you currently wear Hammerpants?"
"Do you own Hammerpants?"
"Do you know anyone who wears Hammerpants?"
"Do you know anyone who owns Hammerpants?"
"Have you worn Hammerpants in the past?"

"...Yes, actually."

Interrogation dissolved at this point, as all of us were laughing too hard.

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