Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Non-lethal pressure point gun, cyberpunk

From my comments in little_details here:

If you've got a gun that has a very advanced targeting system, that can pick out the pressure point, and extrapolate from the target's prior movements where they're going to be, relative to each other, in the next second that it takes the bullet to get there, you've got some pretty nice accuracy.

And if you've got a sufficiently smart soft polymer, with speed-sensing and proximity-sensing and material-I-am-going-to-hit-into sensing, you have something that can figure out how much force it is going to have when it hits the thing it's headed for, and what kind of damage the target is going to take.

If you have a sufficiently nano-biddable soft polymer, you have something that can be various firmnesses upon impact, depending on the above factors.

Of course, something like that might be hopelessly old-fashioned by the time the technology to make it happens develops.

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