Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Bits and pieces

Sunday, after getting home from the writers retreat, I failed at napping, and then went over to Darkside's, where I had trouble not falling asleep. I came home early, and found that Grandma had died. I spent the rest of the day very quietly. Today, after waking up, I started in on laundry once the power rates went down.

I have been attempting to tag somewhat more recent bits of my journal. This leads to retagging old bits, and merging older duplicate tags (by hand, ew, but at least I don't destroy Canada), and encountering some pretty entertaining stuff. -- Punctuation Pixies! -- did I link this before? This is the ending to Dr. Horrible that is not a tragedy. I think Joss writes fine tragedies, myself, but he also writes hilarious comedy. This can be somewhat problematic when the two get combined, for an audience who isn't ready for the juxtaposition. -- What might be crackfic is starting in the comments. -- ways not to market.

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